You have rats: and some of the ratholes have been dynamited open, not gnawed. An infestation of L.B.s, aka rattus faber! Viciously intelligent rats who set traps for humans! No landlord or Constable will tangle with these.

Game Instructions: Reduce Troubled by Vermin to zero to expel the rats. The options on this storylet may Clouds change as you play them.

Unlocked with Rats Troubled by Vermin 1

Storylet appears in Lodgings Your Lodgings


Opening Salvoes (Rats Vermin 36+, Clouds Airs 0-40)

Battling the footsoldiers (Rats Vermin 18-35, Clouds Airs 0-40)

Duel the ringleaders (Rats Vermin 5-17, Clouds Airs 0-40)

The battle for the pantry (Rats Vermin 5+, Clouds Airs 40-70)

A lull in hostilities (Rats Vermin 5+, Clouds Airs 67-100)

A tactical opportunity

The final battle (Rats Vermin 1-4)

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