A name known throughout the Neath for its artistic triumphs and scandals.

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Unlocked withEdit


  1. Written in the Ink of the Gutter
  2. Written on Honey-Stained Pages
  3. Written in Perfumed Ink
  4. A Gilded Finishing
  5. Written on the Palace's Stationary
  6. Gracing Great Works of Fallen London
  7. Written into Hearts and Minds

Progress Edit

Unlock new levels with:

  1. Make Your Name: A Commissioned Epic
  2. Making Your Name: Engage in a Notable Affair
  3. Make Your Name: Publish your story
  4. Make Your Name: Getting to the Ball
  5. Make Your Name: An Audience with the Duchess
  6. Making Your Name: Engage in a Courtly Romance!
  7. The Grand Finale
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