"Thou shalt not bind the church-bat's ears; and the labourer is worthy of his reward." As the Book Timorous in St Cyriac's Exceptionally New Testament has it. Of course, you may not consider yourself a 'labourer'. Or a 'him'. […]

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Game Instructions: Your Profession brings you an income! Claim it below, and you'll receive another reward next week.

Unlocked with Couple a redirect from using Professional Perk or Papers3 1 x An Earnest of Payment, Banknotes Profession: Enquirer, Minor Poet, Pickpocket, Tough, Campaigner, Trickster, Journalist, Enforcer, Rat-Catcher, Watcher, Author, Murderer, Stalker, Agent, Correspondent, Licentiate, Monster-Hunter, Midnighter, Glassman, Crooked-Cross, Speaker, Strangler, Laocoonian, Echoist, Oneironaut, Unbishop, Mystic, Conjurer, Tutor, Undermanager, Notary, or Doctor

Wiki note: You must be in The Fifth City to play this storylet.


Tier 0:

Each of the Training Professions grants items worth Icon-echo 5.00, along with a 250 CP increase in one main attribute (while below level 70).

Tier 1:

Each Tier 1 Profession's payment varies from Icon-echo 35.00 (Journalist) to Icon-echo 38.09 (Trickster) worth of items, along with a Favour from one or two factions.

Tier 2:

Each Tier 2 Profession pays items worth Icon-echo 50.

Tier 3:

Each Tier 3 Profession pays items worth Icon-echo 60.

Less Entangled Professions:

These professions grant no profession item, but are easier to obtain. They pay in straight Echoes.

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