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Pressure and pamphlets, vitriol and eggshells. The agitator harries and harasses the opponent's campaign. The face in the crowd, the voice at the barricade.

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Unlocked with

Levels Edit

  1. A Body in the Crowd
  2. A Riler Up of Taproom Gatherings
  3. A Raucous Sloganeer
  4. A Disseminator of Lewd Chants
  5. A Possessor of A Notoriously Large Lung Capacity
  6. A Disdainful Roarer
  7. An Inspiration to the Mob
  8. A Known Firebrand
  9. A Ringleader of Hotheads
  10. A Bearer of Standards of Uncertain Provenance
  11. A Rowdy Roustabout
  12. The Very Terror of the Public Square
  13. The Pebble Before the Avalanche
  14. The Avalanche
  15. The Head of the Mob
  16. An Avatar of the Public Voice Made Manifest
  17. The Power on the Street
  18. The Voice of London
  19. The Politician's Waking Nightmare
  20. Your voice is as thunder, you shift political tectonics with the swell of your lungs
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