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What can you see? Who can you overhear?

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  • 1-19: A notorious publican is promising his establishments for use of the candidate willing to bid the highest. "The only way to guarantee your supporters vote, or keep your opponents from finding the polling station!"
  • 20-32: Several artists are arguing over who gets to paint the mayor's portrait for posterity. A timid novice inquires if she might model for it.
  • 33-40: A chorus of nuns descends from the upper floors bearing gifts for Sinning Jenny, for which they receive gifts in turn. A Mercurial Prioress hefts a new set of rosary beads calculatingly.
  • 40-65: A poet is regaling the Scarlet Drawing Room with boasts of the patronage he's received from the Mayor. He is somewhat crestfallen when Sinning Jenny is heard to declare she'd never heard of him but she's sure he's just lovely.
  • 66+: A bevvy of students from the Finishing School are capering about the balconies. They wave from on high, before being chased by an irate schoolmistress.

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