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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee of Mystification

A daring fashion debuted by Feducci at the Mayoral Ball. These coruscated helmets are the pride and glory of the dreaded Epicurean League of the Elder Continent.

Game Instructions: The Epicurean War-Helm is Dangerous and Dreaded.

Unlocked with Declaim You have pledged your support to - Feducci - Contender of London

Locked with Hatwarhelm Epicurean War-Helm


Hard fought, hard won, hard worn

Renowned in the fabled kingdom of Skite […] these connoisseurs took up arms in the land where wounds do not heal. […] The skin of the first kill is used to fashion these helms[…]

[…] a card[…]: 'A gift from the Worshipful Company of Victuallers.'

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