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From: Burning Shadows: the Devils of London

Action Cost: 5

Hell is only interested in one thing. They'll buy from anyone, but if you want to forge a lasting relationship they'll need to see you as an investment.

Game Instructions: If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest to Hell.

Unlocked with Bottledsoulpurplesmall 1 x Portfolio of Souls, Bottlegreen 1 x Muscaria Brandy, Wineglass Closest To is: None, Bag Spending Secrets 4, Quirkheartless Heartless 4


Proving your worth

[…] The Infernal Sommelier flicks impassively through your samples,

"I'm not looking for quantity," he explains, "or even rarity. […] What we're looking for […] is a certain... sophistication of character. […] Welcome aboard."

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