From: An Evening's Loitering

Beggars shuffle by – desperate for pennies. Scrawny urchins pass – whimpering for food. You will allow nothing to distract you.

Unlocked with Fog The Airs of Stillness 21-40, Quirkheartless Heartless 4

When Sent

Beneath your notice

If you were to be charitable at every moment, you would never have the means to be so. Some may think you callous or cruel; perhaps others see pragmatism in your behaviour. It is irrelevant – your unwavering focus now brooks no interruption, however worthy.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have asked [friend] to join you for a bit of loitering. Or more than a bit, depending on how long it takes for your b___dy mark to show themselves.

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] is keeping watch over a certain building for many hours, ignoring the passing poor who travel bare-foot and hungry. Your acquaintance would like your help.

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