From: Invited to Loiter (storylet)

You sit here unnoticed so easily. Do you really matter so little?

Unlocked with Fog Invited to Loiter [friend] 1, Fog The Airs of Stillness 41-60, Quirkmagnanimous Magnanimous 4

When Sent

Knowledge of the stones

A kind word costs nothing, and gleans you a great deal. Those constantly disdained go unnoticed, but see much. […] There's much they can tell you. Much for you to reflect on while you wait.

[…] The hours pass slowly. […] Your time here is finished.

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In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You joined [friend] for more than a bit of loitering. But they saw what they needed to see, and can finally take a break.

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] joined your watch. They showed kindness to the London poor during the vigil, and gathered useful information. In the end, you got the information you needed.