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From: An Unsigned Message

Filkin & Filkin, Overcomptrollers, require an undermanager to assort operations and engage extrifications. You will be required to juggle figures and elaborate administrations.

Game Instructions: This Profession gives no special item, but is easy to enter if you have no profession; and minimises entanglement in whatever the Bazaar is plotting here. You can abandon any current profession with the Write a Letter storylet in your Lodgings.

Unlocked with Banknotes No Profession, Sidebarnotability Notability 2, Fox Persuasive 120


The scratch of pen-nibs

The clerks […] bend to your whim. In turn you bend to the Manager. She reports to the Director: and only the Director is admitted to the luminous presence of the Partners. It's not the most exciting work you've ever done, but the pay is acceptable.

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