You've raised your Favours?

Now, what to do with them? Perhaps you want to Call in some favours!

Location Action Connection Gain
The Forgotten Quarter
Forgottenquarter Bandagedman The dead men's chest Bandagedman -1 x  Favours: Tomb-Colonies Waxjar 210 Primordial Shriek
Rubberyman A curious knot Rubberyman -1 x  Favours: Rubbery Men Amber 420 Nodule of Deep Amber
Succubus A soothing sight Devil -1 x  Favours: Hell Nevercold brass 420 Nevercold Brass Sliver
The Shuttered Palace
Palace Bohogirl1 Call on your Bohemian friends to return a favour Bohogirl1 -1 x Favours: Bohemians Honey 210 Drop of Prisoner's Honey
Bottleandglass A boon from a Lady-in-Waiting Salon2 -1 x Favours: Society Bottleandglassredsmall 210 Bottle of Greyfields 1882
Oldman2 A conversation with the Commissioner of Police Constablebadge -1 x  Favours: Constables Coingold 140 Fistful of Surface Currency
Clergy An arrangement with the Vicar-General Clergy -1 x Favours: The Church Demetergreen 420 Foxfire Candle Stub
Duchess2 Curry favour with the Duchess Salon2 -1 x Favours: Society Duchess2 +20 CP The Duchess
Wolfstack Docks
Wolfstack Bohogirl5 A meeting with one of the Widow's representatives Widow -120 CP Connected: The Widow Jade 240 Jade Fragment
Genderindistinct An elliptical conversation Pawn -1 x  Favours: The Great Game Crypticsecret 210 Cryptic Clue
Pirate A round of well-intentioned backslapping Ship -1 x  Favours: The Docks Shard 420 Shard of Glim
The Empress' Court
Empresscourt Fox Exchange a considerable quantity of Connections for London Street Signs Salon2 -3 x Favours: Society SignLondon Street Sign
Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion (+1 CP)
The Flit
Flit Urchin Trade favours with urchins


Urchin -3 x Favours: Urchins Sack 25 Certifiable Scrap
Bag Opening a Bundle of Oddities
Gent4 Trade favours with criminals


Manacles -3 x Favours: Criminals Moonpearl 900 Moon-pearl
Chap2 Trade favours with revolutionaries


Flames -3 x Favours: Revolutionaries Book 720 Proscribed Material
Liberationofnight Advancing the Liberation of Night (+1 CP)
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This is not a regularly chosable storylet! Call in favours in the Flit is a location-specific opportunity card, which appears with Standard Frequency


  • Generally, 1 Favour is worth 420 pence of saleable items - the notable exception being The Flit's location-specific card.

Faction ItemsEdit

After most connections were converted over to favours/renown, this is mostly no longer relevant, with the exception of the Widow.

For 6 actions and 150 Cryptic Clues, you can get 150 CP of Widow. 120 CP of Widow converts to 240 Jade, so 600 CP becomes 1200.

Actions: 6 * 4 + 1 * 5 = 29

Echoes: -600 * .02 + 1200 * .01 = 0

Therefore, if you are spending cryptic clues and actions to get Jade, you end up spending 29 actions and 600 clues for 1200 Jade, with a net gain of 0 echoes worth. Taking the average Jade gain from A sure bet, you could make 123 Jade per action, or a profit of 1.23 EPA. You'd match the amount of jade earned with 10 actions and make 12.3 echoes in doing so, which is drastically better than the above connected grind.

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