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Leaflets and rosettes, shouting and posters. The campaigner is part foot-soldier, part strategist.

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Unlocked with

Levels Edit

  1. A Valiant Footsoldier
  2. A Determined Leafleter
  3. A Veteran of the Letter-Box
  4. A Veteran of the Takepenny Street Ruckus
  5. A Canny Strategist
  6. A Victor of the Hastings Square Fracas
  7. A Champion Door-Knocker
  8. A Champion Door-Knocker
  9. A Canvassing Artist
  10. A Survivor of the Elderwick Rumpus
  11. A Veteran of the Campaign Battle-Trap
  12. A Hero of the Drudgewick Leafleting Bombardment
  13. A Stalwart of the Ladybones Road Postering
  14. A Stalwart of the Ladybones Road Postering
  15. A Vanquisher of the Roser's Wharf Ambush
  16. A Saviour of the Doubt Street Misadventure
  17. A Standard-Bearer of the Hood's Bridge Conquest
  18. A Paragon of the Poster-Campaign
  19. A Co-ordinator of the Charley's Square Rout
  20. A Crusader of the Campaign, Vanquisher of Letter-boxes and Champion of the Cause. Woebetide the enemy's leafletters.
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