You might want to Send a Calling Card to another player or Visit Madame Shoshana and Try the tarot cards. But this page is about Opportunity Cards which build your deck of cards you draw from.


Opportunity Card Classes
Cardnormal Cardbronze Cardsilver Cardgold Cardpurple Cardred Cardblack
Regular Bronze Silver Gold  ?Purple? Red Black

Besides the regular cards there are cards with a coloured border or background, which tells us:

  • Bronze: something a little special - perhaps part of a continuing story.
  • Silver: something quite special, like an Ambition or Seasonal content.
  • Gold: something exceptional, often a once-only story. Pay attention!
  • Red: the card's action takes effect immediately when clicked. The action will take place even if your timer-counter is at zero (in which case playing the card doesn't cost an action).
  • Black: are seasonal special cards and some currently-drawable Seeking Mr Eaten's Name cards.




Cards specific to Factions:


Location-specific cards of locations

Special DecksEdit

Some locations have their own deck of cards:

Remote PlacesEdit

  • Cards which do not appear in remote places: City Vices.


Cards specific to Attributes:



From the game retired cards and content: (that might need some closer look and revision)


Event boundEdit


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