There are 12 Conflict Cards which unlock with 5+ Favours of a pair of factions. These cards let you trade 2 Favours of one faction for a reward. Many options also affect quirks and/or menaces, and some feature a compromise solution. The combinations are:

Favours: 5+ of each faction unlocks
Faction 1 Faction 2 Card Notable Effect siding with
Bohogirl1 Bohemians Clergy The Church
The kaleidoscopic church
Clergy The Church Pawn The Great Game
A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you
Clergy : one of each Second Chance
Clergy The Church Devil Hell
Brimstone or frankincense?
Clergy : Sidebarscandal -3 CP Scandal

+Demetergreen 500 x Foxfire Candle Stub

+Conversation 5 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip

Ship The Docks Urchin Urchins
Youthful high spirits

Ship : Sidebarwounds -5-7 CP Wounds

Devil Hell Urchin Urchins
The Devil and the Child
Urchin : Sidebarwounds +3 CP Wounds
Constablebadge Constables Rubberyman Rubbery Men
They all look the same to me
Constablebadge : Sidebarsuspicion -3 CP Suspicion
Flames Revolutionaries Rubberyman Rubbery Men
Amber in the well
Rubberyman : Sidebarscandal +3 CP Scandal
Rubberyman Rubbery Men Bandagedman Tomb-Colonies
A misfortune at the Carnival

Bandagedman : TICKET 10 x Carnival Ticket

Rubberyman : Diamondred 1 x Magnificent Diamond + TICKET 10 x Carnival Ticket

Salon2 Society Bandagedman Tomb-Colonies
Going gentle
Manacles Criminals Constablebadge Constables
Crime or punishment?

Constablebadge : Sidebarsuspicion -5-7 CP Suspicion

Manacles : Sidebarsuspicion +3 CP Suspicion

Two more Conflict Cards involve Connected: The Widow, which has not yet been converted to the Favours/Renown system.

Connected: The Widow 30+ and Favours: other faction 5+ unlocks
Faction 1 Faction 2 Card Notable Effect siding with
Widow The Widow Ship The Docks
The Acacia and the Butterfly

Ship : Torsowhite 1 x Strong-Backed Labour + Map 1 x Puzzling Map

Widow : Baldman 1 x Favour in High Places

Widow The Widow Urchin Urchins
A familiar face by the school railings

Widow : Sidebarnightmares -8 CP Nightmares

Urchin : Sidebarnightmares -3 CP Nightmares + Eyestorm 2 x Storm-Threnody

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