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Destiny Description Stats
Eatersmall Appetite You may yet satisfy your hungers. Shadowy +5
Mastersmall Authority Dominion will be given unto you. Dangerous +5
Mirrordarksmall Backstage FATE Your hands, secretly, on the lever that moves the world. Shadowy +5, Persuasive+3
Candlespringgreensmall Gleam Lost in light. Watchful +5
Attackersmall Gloom There is a darkness in your future. Shadowy +5
Heartsmall Passion FATE There will still be something beautiful. Persuasive +5
Tigerhatsmall The Curator You will preserve. Persuasive +5
RiflesharpshootersmallThe Instrument FATE It will end in war. Dangerous +5
Rubberskullsmall The Memory You will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain. Watchful +5
Ring goldsmall The Oath You will be true. Persuasive +5
Volcanosmall The Revelation Everything will change. For the better? Watchful +5
Caravansmall The Road FATE The sky will open to you. Dangerous +5, Watchful +3
Noosesmall Torment It will end horribly for you. All stats - 3

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