For the tutorial prison, see Tutorial Prison

This location has its own card deck. Click the deck to see it.

You're back in the Spike. But this time you're being watched a little more carefully.

Unlocked with Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion 8 or higher

Main Quality: Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion

Card deck: Cards - New Newgate Prison

Music: New Newgate

Wiki note: It's possible to enter New Newgate without raising A Criminal Record by failing to Rob the Brass Embassy, at the cost of all Favours: Hell and 50 CP of Shadowy. Gaining a Memory of Chains will also send you to the Spike without raising A Criminal Record, with all the costs that Seeking Mr Eaten's Name comes with. Another possibility to enter without hurting your record comes from failing A shabby sort of place in the Light Fingers! Ambition storyline.

Upon entry:Edit

Upon escape:Edit

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