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Far calmer than any surface sea: black glass stretching to the fathomless depths […], glimmering with the light of false-stars. Beautiful in the way that only mirrors are, and deserts. Also positively stuffed with monsters and nine kinds of pirate.

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Unlocked with Put to Zee!

Main Quality: Bear Dangerous

Music: Undulata (Sunless Sea)

Upon UnlockEdit

A zee-voyage begins

Always a time of invigorating optimism!

Game Instructions: To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 10. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality...

Wiki note: You cannot trade items with the Bazaar, nor use items in this location.


Locked with Approaching Journey's End 10 Edit

Storylet Branch Req. Odds Success Failure
Steam Boldly Extrapolate from the charts Sidebartroubledwaters < 8 50% Waves3 +7
Sidebartroubledwaters +6
Waves3 +5
Sidebartroubledwaters +12
Make it up as you go Sidebartroubledwaters < 10 30% Waves3 +10
Sidebartroubledwaters +9
Waves3 +7
Sidebartroubledwaters +18
Ignore the warning signs Sidebartroubledwaters 8 30% Waves3 +1
Sidebartroubledwaters +6
Waves3 -4
Sidebartroubledwaters +6
Steam Prudently A cautious captain Sidebartroubledwaters < 8 100% Waves3 +14
Sidebartroubledwaters +11

Unlocked with Approaching Journey's End 7Edit

Unlocked with Approaching Journey's End 10Edit

Unlocked with Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 16Edit

Unlocked with Renown: The Docks 25 and no Unexploded Mine Edit


Calm Seas - Locked with Troubled Waters 8Edit

Lashing Waves - Unlocked with Troubled Waters 8-9Edit

Fury of the Unterzee - Unlocked with Troubled Waters 10Edit

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