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From: Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game

Be subtle. Be silent. They also serve who only stand and watch.

Game Instructions: A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, a Disguise Revolting Disguise. You may only have one Profession at a time.

Unlocked with Banknotes Profession: None, Pawnblack The Great Game - A Fine Piece in the Game: A Veteran Spy, Pawn 5 x Favours: The Great Game

Locked with Follow3 Obscurity 2


An unregarded pair of eyes

The sacrifices you make for your craft. The varied ecologies of this beard and wig would keep a naturalist happy for a month. But you blend into the background like compost into a flower-bed.

Success Instructions: You can renounce your current Profession at any time by writing a letter from your Lodgings.

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