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From: Write Letters

"Dear Sir - it is with profound and utter sorrow that I must beg to inform you..." Too much?

Game Instructions: This will remove your current Profession, allowing you to choose a new one. It will also remove the unique item your Profession provides.

Unlocked with BanknotesProfession


Stamped and sent

You rise from the writing-desk free from care... and you have a few stories you may tell, now that professional confidence no longer forbids it.

Success Instructions: You may now adopt another Profession, when you find one.

  • Banknotessmall Your 'Profession' Quality has gone!
  • Exclamationsmall [If your ex-profession gave you an unique item, it is now removed.]
  • Gossipsmall You've gained 1 x Intriguing Snippet
  • Papers5small Your 'Addressed as:' Quality has gone! (only if Tier 3 profession)
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