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From: Allow Dr Schlomo to publish your dreams

The fear of drowning and the deep blue sea.

Unlocked with Waves Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 5

Challenge information

Cardfan A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50-60%)


'North, you say?'

[…]"The significance lies in the North […] Hear the cry of gulls. It is the well-spring, no?"[…]There are no birds in Dr Schlomo's room. An awful lot of cats, but no birds. "Perhaps you should not always trust the compass," he adds with an odd smile.

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Rare Success

'North, you say?'

"[…] North […] The aeons-old burial. The frozen granite. The Eaten one. The poison, welling each day from the same source… I knew a woman who told me curious things about wells. I do not entirely trust her. But I'll speak to her of what you dreamed."

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'Water, you say?'

From somewhere behind your head, Dr Schlomo listens to your tales. 'You desire a return to the Womb!' he cries gleefully.

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