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From: A visit from Slowcake's Amanuensis

Action Cost: 7

Consume yourself? What madness is this? When one is alone, with no pride and no profession, one gains nothing. But perhaps one will register a certain defiance of the Bazaar's order.

Player summary:
Gain St Destin's Candle and some Reputation: Abomination; lose all Notability, Making Waves and Connected: Society.

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Unlocked with Salon3 Connected: Society 77, Sidebarmakingwaves Making Waves 7, Banknotes Profession: None, Sidebarnotability Notability 7, Appallingsecret Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 8

Locked with Candletranslucent 1 x St Destin's Candle



"I was hungry," you say as you tear the page from the book, "and you gave me only the pelt of trees. I was thirsty, and you gave me only ink. I was;mmff mff ff mm. Mmm hmm fm." […]

Slowcake's Amanuensis […] scuttles crab-wise into the night.

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