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Economy: Rumour
Icon-echo 0.04 Book Proscribed Material
▾▾▾ 25:10 or 250:105
Icon-echo 0.30 | Rare: Icon-echo 2.50
Icon-echo 0.10 Silhouetteman Inkling of Identity
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
Icon-echo 0.40 | Rare: Icon-echo 12.50
Icon-echo 0.50 Conversation Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
▾▾▾ Salon2 50:10
Icon-echo 1.00≈≈ | Rare: Icon-echo 25.00
Icon-echo 2.50 Mask An Identity Uncovered!
▾▾▾ Salon2 25:5
Icon-echo 2.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 62.50
Icon-echo 12.50 Newgate Blackmail Material

Icon-echo 2.50 Dance Night on the Town
Icon-echo 60.00 Bookdead Diary of the Dead
Icon-echo 312.50 Bookblue Intriguer's Compendium
Icon-echo 1560.00 Note Rumourmonger's Network

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

Heavily foxed, crumbling parchment, bound in suitably unpleasant flaking leather. It certainly looks like a diary of the dead. [Use this to increase your Favours: Tomb-Colonies for Renown, and gain Favours with Fate]

See Diary of the Dead Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It can be purchased from Bookdead ​⁠ Crawcase Cryptics and sold to the Bazaar.
Buying Icon-echo 62.50 "There are... things in this volume that I regret. Read it kindly."
Selling Icon-echo 60.00 "Oh, a bitter taste. Bitter. Let us rinse our mouths with wine. Here. Cheers!"

See Category:Diary of the Dead for pages which require this item, or click  here  to show them.

Read the Diary of the Dead

Even though the contents are likely to be very, very depressing.

Feed your Diary … to your Wary Raven Advisor

Operations at midnight

Read a substantial amount (5 FATE)

Decipher a concealed message

  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Owl Watchful 250, Quirkmelancholy Melancholy 12-14


    The Figures in the Figure

    • Quirkmelancholysmall Melancholy is increasing… (+15 CP)
    • Quirkdaringsmall Daring is dropping… (-15 CP)
    • Bookdeadsmall You've lost 1 x Diary of the Dead
    • Sidebarnightmaressmall Nightmares is increasing… (+1 CP)

Attend a clandestine gathering

Intervene in a public dispute

Rouse some tomb-colonists before they are discovered

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