The turn of the screw: use to unlock higher-level elements of several stories...

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Main Quality: Bear Dangerous, Fox Persuasive, Cat Shadowy, Owl Watchful


These options earn Dramatic Tension more or less equally quickly; however, the Missing Woman and Wilmot's End storylines require that you go through the carousel one more time to claim the reward, and the War of Assassins storyline does not.

Note: this quality is reset if you Put to Zee! so make sure to cash it in before you go Zailing.


Dramatic Tension of 2 or greater can be traded for any of the following rewards:

Reward Sell Value / EPA Action
3 x Document Bazaar Permit Icon-echo 37.50 / 1.10 The Treasures of War:
Tribute from your Rival of Power
1 x Gift Collection of Curiosities Icon-echo 65.00 / 1.80 [1] The Treasures of War:
A few of your old things
1 x Document Legal Document Icon-echo 12.50 / 0.28 Another contact in the fog:
Make the deal
4 x Torsowhite Strong-Backed Labour Icon-echo 40.00 / 0.86 [2] The End of a Search:
A friendly gesture
2 x Attacker Use of Villains Icon-echo 12.00 / 0.35 The Treasures of War:
Deserting henchmen
16 x Library Volume of Collated Research Icon-echo 40.00 / 1.17 The Treasures of War:
Settling out of court
20 x Library Volume of Collated Research Icon-echo 50.00 / 1.13 Another contact in the fog:
She is wearing pearls today
1 x Birdie Whirring Contraption Icon-echo 6.00 / 0.13 The End of a Search:
The carpet bag
  1. Assumes Trade your Collection of Curiosities for five Puzzling Maps is used and that the resulting Puzzling Maps and Extraordinary Implication are sold.
  2. Assumes Emancipate a Clay Man is used and that the resulting items are sold. Takes into account that one needs to either spend 2 x Inkling of Identity through Request access to the Clay Quarters or 1 x Tale of Terror!! through Demand access to the Clay Quarters.
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