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From: A passion carefully arranged

A scandal? The scandal to eclipse all other scandals. The pair of them. At once. On the throne of the Empress! This will be an exquisite encounter.

Unlocked with Quirkhedonist Hedonist 8


Worth the inevitable exile

The Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty are […] eyes are heavy with desire […] You join them […] to the throne room.

This room has probably never seen such […] you are discovered […]

[…] you are all exiled […] You smile to yourself. […]

Player summary:
You share a passionate encounter with both the Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty in the throne of the Empress. The Palace is not too happy with your scandalous actions and your "adjustments" of the throne. The three of you are summarily sent to the Tomb-Colonies... It was worth it.

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