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This page consolidates the possible gains of Purse Winnings from your Debates from the various combinations during election debates.

Base RewardsEdit


  • Base modifier: 1
  • Argument preferred by hosts1: Modifier = Modifier * 1.5
  • Opponent used Agitator tactic2: Modifier = Modifier - 0.2
  • Campaigner invited a donor:
    • Single Campaigner: Modifier = Modifier * 1.25
    • Two Campaigners: Modifier = Modifier * 1.5

1 Doesn't apply when cheating
2 Doesn't apply if you've used the Fixer option for protection


If you haven't defended yourself in advance:


 template = Template:Calculator/ElectionDebate
 form = DebateCalc
 result = DebateCalcResult
 param = tact1|Player A tactic||select|Agitator,Campaigner,Fixer,Feducci,Detective,Temperance Campaigner,Honourable,Cheat
 param = tact2|Player B tactic||select|Agitator,Campaigner,Fixer,Feducci,Detective,Temperance Campaigner,Honourable,Cheat
 param = arg1|Player A argument||select|Defamatory,Demagogic,Pecuniary
 param = arg2|Player B argument||select|Defamatory,Demagogic,Pecuniary
 param = location|Location||select|Victuallers,Steroscopists,Mudlarks and Steeplejacks
Calculator loading...
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