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From: An Election! London Must Decide!

A thinly veiled political allegory is just the ticket in these election-clouded days. It's poor form to quote yourself, of course, but these are interesting times.

Game Instructions: This will allow you to trade any Short-Story with the Significant Aspect. The lowest value is a Thrilling Short-Story. Trading in Short-Stories of higher value will not change the reward. Short-Stories can be created at the Writing Desk in Veilgarden. (Wiki note: Currently, Compelling Short Stories are Significant as well, not just Thrilling and above.)

Unlocked with Declaim You have pledged your support to -, a Status or Item with at least Bookpurplesmall Significant 1


A divisive piece

The critical reviews are not good. […] It goes down a storm with the man on the Takepenny horsetrap, however. You hear some of your more robust turns of phrase shouted by members of all three of the campaigns at the other candidates' supporters.

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