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From: Mahogany Hall

Mahogany Hall! HOME to London's FINEST and FOREMOST ENTERTAINERS! To become welcome backstage, you'll need to bribe the stage-urchins with a selection of items. Things magicians use in their acts, for example. […]

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Game Instructions: Mahogany Hall is most interesting to players with Shadowy or Persuasive 95+.

Unlocked with Weasel 20 x Lucky Weasel, Lizard 10 x Reprehensible Lizard, Silk 1000 x Silk Scrap, Bat 10 x Sulky Bat, Ridiculoushat 10 x Ridiculous Hat, Rat 10 x Talkative Rattus Faber, Whitegloveblackbacksmall 1 x Pair of Magician's Gloves, Whispered Secret 1000 x Whispered Hint

Locked with Mahoganyhall Route: Mahogany Hall


You're now welcome backstage at Mahogany Hall

You turn up at the stage door with a variety of rustling boxes and wriggling sacks. The urchin on duty looks up[…]. He prods the weasels and paws through the the silks and pronounces your offering, 'Orl right, I spose.' You're in.[…]

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