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From: The Shivering Relicker and Pinnock are Trundling By

The Shivering Relicker pulls her third coat tighter and throws another blanket over her shoulders. Pinnock, a giant among ratkind, looks on unsympathetically.

Unlocked with Owl Watchful 50, Sack 15 x Certifiable Scrap, Clouds The Airs of London 1+

Challenge information

Cardfan A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


Well, yes, of course

Pinnock sorts through your scraps […] As he's distracted, the Shivering Relicker passes you a months-old dirigible timetable, thick with spidery half-zodiacal alterations done in thick pencil. She nods at you significantly.

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A mysterious author

The Shivering Relicker hands over a few pages, torn from a hymnal and scribbled on by a lunatic. 'I didn't do these,' says the Shivering Relicker, 'honest I didn't.'

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