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From: Matters of State

Rumor has it the Captivating Princess is in Port Carnelian for the season. She would not refuse an invitation from the Governor.

Unlocked with Deportestration Banished from the Court - is: Mad, bad, dangerous to know, Declaim2 Time Passing in Office exactly 12, Empresscourt Imperial Legitimacy 1, Medal Successful Terms as Governor is at least 5, i.e. one of:

  • A popular role model
  • A cherished leader
  • A lasting influence
  • A legacy established


A sympathetic ear

[...] The Princess is late..

[...] And then, she arrives. [...]

[...] "Tell me everything, Governor." [...]

The next day, a hamper of wine has been delivered to your residence[...] [A]n Imperial Pardon is pinned to the underside.

Player summary:
The Princess arrives late to your dinner, but when she arrives, she focuses on you. After dinner, she asks you to tell her how you were banned from Court. The next day, she sends wine and an Imperial Pardon to your residence.

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Success Instructions: You may now return to Court. Look for a story titled 'Restored to Her Enduring Majesty's Court' in the Shuttered Palace.

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