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Appallingsecret This content is part of the Mr Eaten storyline.


From: Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas

Action Cost: 10

This candle does not exist. It never has, and never will. Speak the name of one who trusted you. The candle will spread like a sickness.

Game Instructions: This will do a truly shattering amount of damage to your character. Resist the temptation. Do not yield to pleading.

Unlocked with Candlecherryred 1 x St Cerise's Candle, Appallingsecret Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 35, Owl 1 x A Confession of Whimsy, Fox 1 x A Confession of Guile, Sidebarbaroque 1 x A Confession of Pride, Bear 1 x A Confession of Violence, Cat 1 x A Confession of Curiosity, Sidebarscandal 1 x A Confession of Impropriety, Cat Shadowy 77, Fox Persuasive 77, Owl Watchful 77, Bear Dangerous 77

Locked with Candletranslucent 1 x St Destin's Candle

Your friend needs Appallingsecret Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 3, Candletranslucent no St Destin's Candle

When Sent

Damned by deed and damned by destiny.

Drowned and driven. Dust and dread. And you have gained no candle.

Your friend will receive:

[Friend] wants to confer St Destin's Candle on you. (Accepting this candle would be very unwise, and cause serious and lasting harm to your character.)

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has received St Destin's Candle. But you still have it. After all, one may give away nothing and retain nothing.

Your friend will receive:

[Player] has set St Destin's Candle in your window. Or so they claim. It's not even real. It's something imagined in an empty space. But it has hollowed you out like a rotted nut.

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