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From: A meeting with the Implacable Detective

"She overturned a paraffin-lamp in a Hollow Street parlour, and shredded a dressing-room at Mahogany Hall. Be careful. The payment is small, but if you're looking for Memories of Light, you should consider it..."

Game Instructions: Warning – the fee is non-refundable if you fail!

Unlocked with Crypticsecret 200 x Cryptic Clue, Owl Watchful 60

Locked with Magnifyingglass Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target 1


Accepting a commission: the Deranged Medium

"Have you heard of the Shroud? A society of mediums, among other things. They are the client. She was of their number... but something went wrong. Were I given to fanciful notions I might suggest you looked among mirrors..."

Success Instructions: Use the 'Cat and Mouse' story in Ladybones Road to track down your target. Gain 50 Cat: Getting Warmer tokens before time runs out to find her, or 60 for an extra bonus.

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