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Economy: Luminosity
Icon-echo (1.00) Candletranslucent Chrysalis Candle
Icon-echo (12.50) Snuffer Snuffer's Gratitude
Icon-echo - Sunless The Sun beneath the Sea?
Icon-echo 0.01 Lamplighter beeswax Lump of Lamp-
lighter Beeswax
▾▾▾ 100:10 or 1000:105
Icon-echo 0.32 | Rare: Icon-echo 2.50
[or Lizard 25:4Mirror Memory]
Icon-echo 0.10 Beetle Phosphorescent Scarab
▾▾▾ Flames 50:10 or 500:105
Icon-echo 0.40 | Rare: Icon-echo 12.50
Icon-echo 0.50 Mirror Memory of Light
▾▾▾ Flames 50:10
Icon-echo 1.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 25.00
Icon-echo 2.50 Candleblack Mourning Candle
▾▾▾ Flames 25:5
Icon-echo 2.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 62.50
Icon-echo 12.60 Magnifyingglass Patent Scrutinizer
Icon-echo 12.50 Magnifybling Bejewelled Lens
Icon-echo (62.50) Skulleyeless Eyeless Skull
▾▾▾ Flames 5:1
Icon-echo 2.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 62.50
Icon-echo 62.50 Dawnmachine Element of Dawn
Icon-echo 62.50 Diamondblue Mountain-sherd
Icon-echo 312.50 Cinder Ray-Drenched Cinder

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

Cross-category item conversions: Memory of Light

Bottledsoulbluesmall Scaryeyesmall Papers3 Mirror Waves3 Bottlewillow Scrap2 Bookpurple Scrawl1 Sunset Mountainglowsmall Conversation Wake Bottledsoulbluesmall

All conversions are 50:51. Conversions marked as ≈ produce 1-10 CP of Sidebarmakingwaves Making Waves.

You saw something inexplicable. A rotting, succulent light lingers in your memories...

[This item can be sold... but the merchants of the Bazaar are not permitted to offer cash for it, only secrets.]

Create this by using other Luminosity items in your inventory, or via work with the Implacable Detective.

See Memory of Light Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It can be sold to the Bazaar, but cannot be bought.
Selling Icon-echo 0.50 (Crypticsecret 25 x Cryptic Clue) "You've seen the light of Parabola! Tell me more..."

See Category:Memory of Light for pages which require this item, or click  here  to show them.

Consider your Memories of Light

Is a memory really worth that much to you?

Trying to remember

Swap tales at the Admiralty

  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Mirror 50 x Memory of Light


    Good, good

    • Mirrorsmall You've lost 50 x Memory of Light
    • Waves3small You've gained 51 x Zee-Ztory
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