The index of notability is Slowcake's Exceptionals, which is widely read... even in the heights of the Bazaar. Especially in the heights of the Bazaar [Notability usually drops at the rate of one point a week, when Time the Healer comes calling.]

To increase this, wait for the Slowcake's Amanuensis card - or arrange for him to visit you via Attend to Matters of Society! in your Lodgings. You must remain in the public's eye: each week, Notability will drop if your Making Waves quality is lower than your Notability.

See Category:Notability for pages which require this quality (or specific levels of it), or click  here  to show them.


  1. A little star next to your name in Slowcake's!
  2. A double-starred entry
  3. Three stars. An indication of fame, or notoriety.
  4. A three-starred entry and a footnote!
  5. You are cross-referenced from two other entries!
  6. Two lines. And they've underlined your name.
  7. Your entry comes with an illustration. Quite a good likeness.
  8. A whole paragraph on your deeds, your honours, your history, your reputation.
  9. A whole paragraph on your deeds, your honours, your history, your reputation. Quite a lengthy paragraph. A sterner editor would probably slice it in two.
  10. Two paragraphs! But the second one contains several infuriating mis-spellings.
  11. Two paragraphs of gloriously Notable prose, free of errors. Though they do refer to you as a 'rising star'. Is that damning with faint praise?
  12. A full half-page of Slowcake's Exceptionals is devoted to you. The illustration errs on the side of flattery. Two Parliamentarians and an Admiral mention in their own entries that they are 'aficionados' of your work. Which work exactly is not clear.
  13. A full half-page, a flattering illustration, and a peculiar little asterism beside the note on your Profession.
  14. A full half-page, a flattering illustration, and an enigmatic note that suggests both a neutered Correspondence symbol and algebraic chess notation.
  15. There is a scattering of typographic eccentricities beside your entry, but who cares? The important thing is that you have a COLOUR PLATE!
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