Whispered Secret
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From: The Mayoral Election 1897

This is a chance for skulduggery, an opportunity for chicanery. You might learn a rival campaign's secrets. Or you might investigate suspicions about your chosen campaign.

Game Instructions: This will take a significant number of actions to complete. It is prudent to have Shadowy, Persuasive, and Watchful at 25 or more. You will gain 3 Reputation and Vital Intelligence.

Unlocked with Ballotbox A Participant in the 1897 Election

Locked with Sidebarnightmares Nightmares 4, Sidebarscandal Scandal 4, Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion 4


The game is afoot

[…] The Ministry of Public Decency has assumed oversight of the Election. If you can pass as one of their senior officials, you will have both authority and excuse to go snooping about the three campaigns' headquarters.'

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