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From: Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter

The shadows in the Forgotten Quarter rustle like leaves. But you see nothing moving.

Unlocked with Forgottenquarter2.png The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter 0-20

Challenge information

Cardfan.png A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


There's something over here...

The rubble of a house, seared by fire long ago. […] Paled frescoes show a jade-crowned woman accepting gifts of wine and livestock, a fleet of galleys on a wide black ocean, a war against warriors guised as thorned roses... there are secrets here.[…]

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Rare Success

Something glows more warmly than the moonish light

Is that deep amber? Have the Rubbery Men been here? Or, perhaps, did they visit the Fourth City in its days on the surface?



The rubble of fallen palaces, a broken marble hand, a tree that died before you were born. The bones of a child crushed beneath a fallen pillar. Leave this place. There are horrors sleeping.

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