From: Pursuing a Mutually-Agreed Divorce

"The Ministry insists that persons wishing to enumerate their spouse's flaws must do so with consent; and must open themselves to that same scrutiny."

Game Instructions: Engage your spouse in a Watchful contest.

Unlocked with Clouds The Airs of London 50-75, Rose TC Pursuing a divorce 1, Ring gold Espoused to (friend)

Challenge information

Broad-type Owl Watchful challenge with your Owl Watchful as challenge difficulty

When Sent


The Glowering Judge rubs his temple, and waves you out. He mumbles something about the Ministry. An Auditor reacts with a sharp tut.

Your friend will receive:

  • Confidentsmilesmall Your spouse wishes to point out your flaws to the Judge; you should attend to highlight theirs.

Once Accepted

The winner will receive:

The Glowering Judge narrows his eyes at your spouse and makes a brief note. When you are dismissed, his nod to you is almost sympathetic; you've won the day!

The loser will receive:

The Glowering Judge glares at you. Why you? Can't he see that awful little smile on your spouse's face?

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