Every week Time, the Healer brings An Earnest of Payment and rewards according to the Profession. Each Profession's weekly reward is listed at Profession Payments.

To select a new profession, you'll first need to quit your current one (if you have any), and you can do so via Choose a new Profession under Write Letters in you lodgings.

For Tier 1 professions you then have to wait for the desired Faction Cards to show up.

Tier 2 and 3 professions are selected from An Unsigned Message.

Tier 0Edit

Profession Reward
Spypaper Enquirer Owl +250 CP Watchful
Whispered Secret 500 x Whispered Hint
Writerglow Minor Poet Fox +250 CP Persuasive
Jade 500 x Jade Fragment
Steal Pickpocket Cat +250 CP Shadowy
Moonpearl 500 x Moon-pearl
Fist Tough Bear +250 CP Dangerous
Red gold 500 x Piece of Rostygold

Campaigner BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Supporters Campaigner Supporterssmall Feckless Supporters (Companion)
(Dangerous +6, Persuasive +6)
The Campaigner's reward (Icon-echo 37.5 + Favours):

Baldman 1 x Favour in High Places
Beetle 10 x Phosphorescent Scarab
Vialgreen 10 x Flask of Abominable Salts
Jade 200 x Jade Fragment
Scrap3 100 x Surface-Silk Scrap
Bottlewillow 2 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
Bottlegiant 4 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
Flames 1 x Favours: Revolutionaries
Clergy 1 x Favours: The Church

2 Mad2 Mystic Supporters Circle of Acolytes (Companion)
(Persuasive +9, Dangerous +9, Respectable +1)
The Mystic's reward (Icon-echo 50):

Wineglass 1 x Cellar of Wine
Meteors 2 x Antique Mystery
Bookblack 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum

3 Fingerking Glassman Spectacles Set of Cosmogone Spectacles (Hat)
(Persuasive +12, Dangerous +12, Bizarre +1, Glasswork +1)
A Glassman's Penny (Icon-echo 60):

Bookblack 4 x Uncanny Incunabulum
Candleblack 3 x Mourning Candle
Mirror 5 x Memory of Light

Enforcer BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Burlyman Enforcer Burlyman Burly Assistant (Companion)
(Dangerous +6, Shadowy +6)
The Enforcer's reward (Icon-echo 34 + Favours):

Manacles 1 x Favours: Criminals
Attacker 1 x Use of Villains
Mask 5 x An Identity Uncovered!
Red gold 1250 x Piece of Rostygold
Scrap3 100 x Surface-Silk Scrap
Bottlewillow 5 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
Bottlered 5 x Amanita Sherry
Flames 1 x Favours: Revolutionaries

2 Derringergold Murderer Derringergold Discreet Firearm (Weapon)
(Dangerous +9, Shadowy +9, Dreaded +1)
The Murderer's reward (Icon-echo 50):

Diamondred 2 x Magnificent Diamond
Red gold 2500 x Piece of Rostygold

3 Aliaslist Licentiate Aliaslist A List, Writ in Gant (Weapon)
(Dangerous +12, Shadowy +12, Bizarre +1, Kataleptic Toxicology +1)
The Licentiate's Bounty (Icon-echo 60):

Document 4 x Bazaar Permit
Mask 3 x An Identity Uncovered!
Bookpurple 5 x Journal of Infamy

Journalist BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Notebook Journalist Notebooksmall Little Red Notebook (Weapon)
(Persuasive +6, Watchful +6)
The Journalist's reward (Icon-echo 32.5 + Favours):

Declaim 10 x Dubious Testimony
Paperstack 3 x Sworn Statement
Newgate 1 x Blackmail Material
Dance 1 x Night on the Town
Nevercold brass 500 x Nevercold Brass Sliver
Bohogirl1 1 x Favours: Bohemians

2 Promissorynote Author Promissorynote Appreciation Society (Companion)
(Persuasive +9, Watchful +9, Respectable +1)
The Author's reward (Icon-echo 47.5 + Favours):

Newgate 1 x Blackmail Material
Dance 1 x Night on the Town
Lips 4 x Stolen Kiss
Wineglass 1 x Cellar of Wine
Whispered Secret 500 x Whispered Hint
Crypticsecret 250 x Cryptic Clue
Bohogirl1 1 x Favours: Bohemians

3 Violant Correspondent Violant A Pot of Violant Ink (Weapon)
(Watchful +12, Persuasive +12, Bizarre +1, Artisan of the Red Science +1)
The Correspondent's Accomplishments (Icon-echo 60):

Meteors 4 x Antique Mystery
Paperstack 3 x Sworn Statement
Declaim 5 x Dubious Testimony

Rat-Catcher BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Rattingpiece Rat-Catcher Rattingpiecesmall Ratting Piece (Weapon)
(Dangerous +6, Watchful +6)
The Rat-Catcher's reward (Icon-echo 37.5 + Favours):

Torsowhite 1 x Strong-Backed Labour
Map 1 x Puzzling Map
Red gold 1000 x Piece of Rostygold
Ratsstring 1250 x Rat on a String
Constablebadge 1 x Favours: Constables
Ship 1 x Favours: The Docks

2 Whispered Secret Stalker Dogsmall Perspicacious Lurcher (Companion)
(Dangerous +9, Watchful +9, Respectable +1)
The Stalker's reward (Icon-echo 50):

Map 2 x Puzzling Map
Red gold 2500 x Piece of Rostygold

3 Harpoon Monster-Hunter Harpoon A Notched Bone Harpoon (Weapon)
(Dangerous +12, Watchful +12, Dreaded +1, Monstrous Anatomy +1)
The Monster-Hunter's Labours (Icon-echo 60):

Map 4 x Puzzling Map
Library 3 x Volume of Collated Research
Scaryeyesmall 5 x Tale of Terror!!

Trickster BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Imp Trickster Impsmall Loathsome Imp (Companion)
(Shadowy +6, Persuasive +6)
The Trickster's reward (Icon-echo 38.09 + Favours):
Bottledsoulblue 10 x Brilliant Soul
Eyestorm 1 x Storm-Threnody
Raven 1 x Dazed Raven Advisor
Weasel 1 x Lucky Weasel
Jade 599 x Jade Fragment
Lips 1 x Stolen Kiss
Scrap7 1 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap
Honeymazed 5 x Maniac's Prayer
Bottlegiant 1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
Devil 1 x Favours: Hell
Urchin 1 x Favours: Urchins
2 Keysteel Conjurer Imp Horrid Imp (Companion)
(Shadowy +9, Persuasive +9, Bizarre +2)
The Conjurer's reward (Icon-echo 50):
Clouds 10 x Aeolian Scream
Newgate 2 x Blackmail Material
3 Cross Crooked-Cross Cross A Crooked Cross (Weapon)
(Persuasive +12, Shadowy +12, Dreaded +1, Mithridacy +1)
The Wage of a Crooked-Cross (Icon-echo 60):
Newgate 4 x Blackmail Material
Bottlegreen 3 x Bottle of Muscaria Brandy
Document 13 x Infernal Contract

Watcher BranchEdit

Tier Profession Item Reward
1 Disguise Watcher Disguise Revolting Disguise (Hat)
(Shadowy +6, Watchful +6)
The Watcher's reward (Icon-echo 37.50 + Favours):
Newgate 1 x Blackmail Material
Constablebadge 1 x Favours: Constables
Pawn 1 x Favours: The Great Game
Meteors 1 x Antique Mystery
Moonpearl 100 x Moon-pearl
Declaim 8 x Dubious Testimony
Paperstack 3 x Sworn Statement
2 Lantern Agent Chesspiecesmall Memento of a Struggle (Weapon)
(Watchful +9, Shadowy +9, Dreaded +1)
The Agent's Reward (Icon-echo 50):
Graffitihiero 10 x Presbyterate Passphrase
Mask 10 x An Identity Uncovered!
3 Joshuashrine Midnighter Joshuashrine Shrine to Saint Joshua (Home Comfort)
(Watchful +9, Shadowy +9, Dreaded +1, A Player of Chess +1)
The Midnighter's Currency (Icon-echo 60):
Baldman 4 x Favour in High Places
Scrap7 3 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap
Papers 50 x Stolen Correspondence

Less Entangled ProfessionsEdit

Tier Profession Reward
2.5 Libervisionis Tutor Banknotes 6000 x Penny
2.5 Bookblack Undermanager Banknotes 6000 x Penny
3.5 Bottleclear Doctor Banknotes 7000 x Penny
3.5 Nib Notary Banknotes 7000 x Penny

Unreachable ProfessionsEdit



Profession Item Conjectured Branch
4 Questionsmall Echoist  ? Watcher? Journalist? (By process of elimination, most likely Watcher)
4 Questionsmall Laocoonian  ? Rat-Catcher (Laocoon fought two giant god-sent serpents, follows Monster-Hunter)
4 Questionsmall Oneironaut  ? Campaigner (follows Glassman into Parabola/dreams)
4 Questionsmall Speaker  ? Journalist? (speaks the language of the Correspondence)
4 Questionsmall Strangler  ? Enforcer or Rat-Catcher (hired violence) (By process of elimination, most likely Enforcer)
4 Questionsmall Unbishop  ? Trickster (follows Crooked-Cross in the counter-church)

Advanced Professions and Lab / Parabola ContentEdit

A significant amount of late-game content has been introduced to Fallen London in Spring 2020, mostly concentrated around two particular areas: the Parabola (and the Parabolan Base-Camp) and the Laboratory. Players with Tier 3 Professions have specific advantages, depending on the Profession, in pursuing particular activities in these places.


At the moment the roles Correspondent, the Glassman and the Monster-Hunter seem to be more advantageous when exploring the new content. Other professions have less useful or quite situational benefits.

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