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From: The Roof-Tops: Urchins

Action Cost: 5

Your roof leaks because their grubby feet keep knocking tiles loose. Their wild words disturb your peace. Yesterday, they dropped an Aeolian Scream down your chimney. They are no longer welcome!

Game Instructions: This will sever your ties with the Urchins, allowing you to align with another group. Beware: You will lose all Connected: Urchins.

Unlocked with Door 1 x Secluded Address, Wineglass Closest To is: Urchins, Bag Spending Secrets 4


Your home is your castle

[…] The moment you tell them they can't have something, the little devils want it more than anything […] Every now and again, one of them makes it through. "We used to fink you was alright!" they shout […] before the sorrow-spider chases them off.

Player summary:
You transform your rooftop into an obstacle course; the urchins besiege your house and shout through your windows. It takes a vicious guard-spider to maintain equilibrium.

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