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From: A parliament of bats

If you have a Sulky Bat, this might be a good opportunity to cheer it up. But will it come back?

Unlocked with Bat 1 x Sulky Bat

Challenge information

Cardfan A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


A leathery scatter

Your bat soars into the cloud above […] A bat-squabble! Your pet plummets back to your shoulder as suddenly as it came, clutching something in its claws […] Your bat turns its head and glares morosely at you before surrendering its cargo.

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Rare Success

Membraneous company

Your bat […] lands on one shoulder while a second bat - scarred and powerful, with an insouciant curl to its wings - lands on the other […] They both accept cave-crickets from your hand. Apparently you have an additional pet.

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Wiki note: 5.3% after 304 successful actions


For a moment you think you've seen the last of your bat...

It disappears into the cloud of bats overhead, and doesn't return for a good hour […] when it drops out of the sky and clings to your shoulder, folding its wings as sulkily as ever. But it seems to have picked up a tiny scroll of paper […]

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