If London's artists don't recognise you, they may not be drunk enough.

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Levels Edit

1-3: Known to gutter poets and back-alley actors
4-6: Known to performers in forgotten music halls
7-9: Known to the well-to-do in the Singing Mandrake
10-14: Known throughout London's artistic communes
15-24: Known to the celebrated acts of Mahogany Hall
25-49: Known to the rarefied minds of Court
50: For better or for worse, the world will never create as it did before you came along

Faction ItemEdit

Increase this quality by using an Typewriter Ornate Typewriter.

Renown Rewards Edit

10: Barrel Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps
25: Papers3 The DF
40: Mirrormonster2 Oneiric Key
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