On first-name terms with cut-purses, house-breakers, counterfeiters and what, in other cities, would probably be called the underworld.

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Levels Edit

1-3: Known on a street corner or two
4-6: Known in the back-alleys of Spite
7-9: Known in the taproom of the Medusa's Head, and beyond
10-14: Known from the depths of the alleys to the heights of the Flit
15-24: Known in every Shadow North and South of the River
25-49: Known even in Gaider's Mourn, far across the zee
50: They say it was you who stole the Sun

Faction ItemEdit

Increase this by using an Keystone Old Bone Skeleton Key.

Renown Rewards Edit

10: Cardsinged Ace of Hats
25: Deportestration Defenestrating Boots
40: Puppet One Who Pulls the Strings
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