You have dealings with the bandaged gentle-persons from the Quiet Cities across the Underzee.

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Levels Edit

1-3: Known by a few of the bandaged
4-6: Known by all those who visit London
7-9: Known in the port of Venderbight !
10-14: Known in all the quiet cities
15-24: Known within the Grand Sanatorium, where they whisper your name
25-49: Known wherever the quiet ones walk, and sleep, and dream!
50: When you don the bandages, they will chant your name

Faction ItemEdit

Increase this by using a Bookdead Diary of the Dead.

Renown Rewards Edit

10: Griswine Cup of Dustwine
25: Tombcolonistribbons Your Very Own Bandages!
40: Keepermoth TC Newly-Born Frost-Moth
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