You've made yourself known to the roof-dwellers of London. They've come to recognise your taste in headwear. "Oi, bigguns!", they say.

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Levels Edit

1-3: Known to a couple of troublesome ragamuffins
4-6: Known in the shadowed byways under and around the Flit
7-9: Known all along the heights of the Flit
10-14: Known amongst the hoodlums of the Fisher King
15-24: Known wherever the Regiment leads its charge
25-49: Known even in the groaning chambers of Old Downey
50: They say you are a stalwart champion of all urchins. They also continue to refer to you as 'Oi!'

Faction ItemEdit

Increase this by using a Scarydoor Rookery Password.

Renown Rewards Edit

10: Feather A Feathered Bonnet
25: Spiderflorence Constant Cufflinks
40: Stormlogo What Might Be A Thunderbolt
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