Faction Renown 10 (3 favours) Renown 25 (5 favours) Renown 40 (7 favours)
Bohemians Barrel Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (card) Papers3 The DF (Mahogany Hall) Mirrormonster2 Oneiric Key (The Mirror-Marches)
Constables Cigar Bully Belvedere (card) Spypaper The Chap on the Corner (Flit) Swamphand The Place Where they Bury the Bodies (A boat trip)
Criminals Cardsinged Ace of Hats (card) Deportestration Defenestrating Boots (Flit) Puppet One Who Pulls the Strings (New Newgate Prison)
Hell Boneshard Diabolical Fascinator (card) Flames Hellish Hymn (The Shuttered Palace) Ginbottles Infernal Vinification Apparatus (The Iron Republic)
Revolutionaries Beartrap Implausible Beartrap (card) Notebook Language of Laces (Spite) Black Gleaming Buttons (A state of some confusion)
Rubbery Men Violin Amber Cello (card) Bell Rubbery Bellringer (The University) Stalagmite Location of an Underground Organ (Flute Street FATE)
Society Flamering Antique Ring Worth Killing For (card) Judge Unassuming Judge (The Shuttered Palace) Medal Most Humbling Expression of Her Majesty's Esteem (Port Carnelian)
The Church Papers Angelic Publication (card) Teethglass The Very Teeth of St George! (The Flit) Coral Beatific Stone (Corpsecage Island)
The Docks Stamp Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk (card) Crabclaw Chelatic Mitten (Wolfstack Docks) Mine Unexploded Mine (Unterzee)
The Great Game Newspaper A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors (card) Tattoo wheel The Seal of St Joshua (Wilmot's End) Tattoo chess The Great Game (The Mirror-Marches)
Tomb-Colonies Griswine Cup of Dustwine (card) Tombcolonistribbons Your Very Own Bandages! (Mahogany Hall) Keepermoth TC Newly-Born Frost-Moth (Tomb Colonies)
Urchins Feather A Feathered Bonnet (card) Spiderflorence Constant Cufflinks (Wolfstacks Docks) Stormlogo What Might Be A Thunderbolt (Mind of a Long-Dead God)

'Before the Thunder takes you away...' (Guide)Edit

Most of the non-Fate-locked renown 40 items at this time of writing (some time after the relations with the Urchins have been revamped) are quite straightforward to obtain; having obtained 7 Favours and 40 ranks of Renown, the player would go elsewhere, and claim the items through a storylet.

This is not so simple for the Urchin's renown 40 item, which requires the player character to enter Delirium The Mind of a Long-Dead God. Of course, there are items which do require the player to enter one of the "purgatory" states (for lack of a better word to describe places where the player can do little that is productive and profitable), namely prison and the tomb-colonies, but this one is different: there is a reason to linger as long as possible.

This is due to one option, Candlesmall Refuse the gift, within the storylet that appears in this "purgatory" state. With this option, the player character exchanges 1 CP of Clouds Stormy-Eyed with 1 CP of Wounds and more importantly, Clouds 1 x Aeolian Scream.

The player could expend all but 1 CP of Stormy-Eyed on this option before claiming Stormlogo What Might Be A Thunderbolt, but that would mean the player character is saddled with 19 ranks of Wounds after they let go of the thunder. That would lead to a long, long time on the boat. The boat is not a great "purgatory" state.

The solution to this problem is actually a long-term one, i.e. something that the player will need to have planned before. The key item/resource in this solution is the Horsehead Horsehead Amulet. Arguably, this item had not much use, since careful tracking of the player character's Wounds would prevent a trip on the boat. However, in this case, this item would be incredibly handy, for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, when the Horsehead Amulet triggers, the player character is stalled from getting onto the boat.They are still technically in London, and can receive aid from other player characters through the Mercyhandsmall Nurse a friend back to health which they enact.
  • Secondly, consuming the Horsehead Amulet is a free Action, i.e. it does not consume any Action Points. Upon consuming one, if the player character still has a Wound rank over 8, the Amulet's storylet will trigger again, allowing the player character to consumer another amulet again for free (this has been done on this author's several player characters). Obviously, if the player character has lots of amulets, they can consume as many as needed to lower Wounds below rank 8. (Of course, the player would want to save the last amulet, if only for the previously mentioned reason.)

If the player character has been doing a Treebluesmall A thieves' cache! expedition a lot, chances are, thay would have accumulated a lot of amulets. Expending them all to clear Wounds from getting the Urchins' Renown 40 item would be a great way to make them worthwhile.

'So you have to lose your marbles to gain treasures...' (Tips)Edit

The items for having gained 40 ranks in Pawn Renown: The Great Game, Bohogirl1 Renown: Bohemians have to be obtained from the purgatory state of Parabola The Mirror-Marches, whereas the one for Flames Renown: Revolutionaries has to be obtained from Mad A state of some confusion (i.e. the Bethlehem Hotel).

For the latter, it is preferable to enter the Mirror-Marches first, before using the storylet A familiar scene? to transition to the hotel.

That said, one of the best ways to quickly reduce Nightmares while in the Mirror-Marches is to enter the state while having already achieved Pocketwatch 6 x Mouse: So Little Time in Magnifyingglass Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target: 6, i.e. the search for the Deranged Medium.

This enables the option of Look at the ivory frame under the storylet of The mirror-frames. Both success and failure reduce Nightmares, while a failure does not reduce Mouse: So Little Time. Enough Actions should be reserved such that when the option is no longer available, there are no more Actions. This lets the player use the red auto-fire cards without spending Actions.

With a little bit of luck, there can be some profit to be made from the sojourn to the Mirror-Marches.

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