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From: The Roof-Tops: Urchins

A stuttering boy with a liver-coloured birthmark: someone you've seen before. "We can keep it s-s-safe," he assures you. "And we need to be forgotten. S-s-ometimes. But we can't pay too much."

Game Instructions: This will earn you a Starstone Demark and the gratitude of the Urchins. If you are Closest To someone else, you will become Closest To the Urchins.

Unlocked with Nadirgate Route: the Cave of the Nadir exactly 3



"We knew it once. Our ancestor-tribes. We go back farther than anyone knows. Some says the Second City." (His stutter's gone.) "[…] I think the Bazaar had other children." He clutches his mouth as if he realises he's said too much […]

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