Stealth, subtlety, cunning.

Game Instructions: Shadowy improves as you attempt Shadowy tasks - you can improve it faster by spending Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes at your Lodgings.

Wiki note: This is your subtle and cunning skills, allowing you to exploit the dark and fascinating underground that is Fallen London. This is one of the four main Attributes

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Bonus Permanent Loss Failures 2nd chance
Items Actions Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion Blackglove Hastily Scrawled Warning Note,
Demeter Anticandle
Quality[1] Title
0 - 2(none)
3 - 9Shadowy
10 - 14Sly
15 - 19Stealthy
20 - 39Devious
40 - 59Wily
60 - 79Crafty
80 - 99Sinister
100 - 149Midnight
150 - 199Shrouded in Shadows
  1. Current limit: 200 - higher if you spend Notability
Related Locations
Quality[1] Location Also Needed
1 - 70
Spite Spite
60 - 100 Flit The Flit
100 - 120 Mahoganyhall Mahogany Hall Fox Persuasive
110 - 130 Wilmotsend Wilmot's End Fox Persuasive
Owl Watchful
120 - 130 Doubtstreet Doubt Street
  1. Note: These are the challenge levels for the location.
    In order to reach 90% you'll usually need around 50% more.

Highest ChallengesEdit

Actions with a Broad difficulty level of 135 or above.

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