Stories are perhaps the most important pieces of content in Fallen London. Played out over a number of Cards and Storylets they are the way the narrative of Fallen London is told

Format[edit | edit source]

Stories are played out over a number of cards and/or storylets and have a main story quality associated with them. Playing each part of a story will raise it, thereby locking the previous part and opening new options to further pursue it. Stories vary greatly in length and content, some can span hundreds of unique opportunities, such as the players main Ambition, and are meant to be played over the course of the game, while others are short diversion consisting off only a few options before being finished.

Finding Stories[edit | edit source]

Stories can be found and started all over Fallen London via storylets or cards. A few major stories you might miss will also start showing up under FIND NEW STORIES: Chat with the Local Gossip once you've reached the requirements to start a specific.

Main stories[edit | edit source]

There are a few main stories in Fallen London that every player will sooner or later encounter. Chief amongst these are the players main Ambition and the four Making your name stories, one for each main attribute. The Players Ambition is the mainish story of Fallen London, representing the reason the player character descended in the first place.

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