• Hi, and thank you for your contributions. I would like to ask you to trim selectively instead of just cutting off the article after the 250 character. The point of trimming is to maintain enough flavor text to tease the reader and give them a taste of the action (without going over 250 characters). Also, please insert […] when trimming something so that the readers would know that they aren't seeing the entire original text.

    Here's an example. The aim is to retain as much info as possible in the same 250 characters. In this case, have the cryptic remark by the blemmingam and your Noman's reaction at the cost of some flavor text.

    Finally, if the trimmed text is very long and important it'd be great if you could summarize it. We're always looking for summaries because we want to move this wiki to a user-generated direction, but with long articles (like "Get away from him!") summaries are particularly important.

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    • I've been trying, but I guess I've just used ... in a few places rather than [...], should I go back and edit?  Thanks.

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    • You know what's funny? This example has nothing to do with what I wrote after it (it was an explanation for someone else who also was having trouble with trimming). It should have said:

      "Here's an example. In your edit the character is seen getting dressed for the robbery, and that's about it. But with a bit of creative trimming you can still cram in some text about the casket, the eyeballs, the 'apples' (which are important in Fallen London lore) and even a small bit about you getting the loot. Same thing with the fail description (and again, the 'Tree of Ages' reference will turn out to be very important)".

      Sorry, my brain got jammed :( At any rate, you don't need to change your edits, you only trimmed the page in the example and Chase after them, and I've retrimmed both.

      The problem isn't just in using … instead of […], but with trimming sharply after the first or second sentence. We really want to have the trimmed articles carry the gist of the original story, which is why it's a task for the editors, otherwise we could have made a bot cut all of the articles (which would have been a real shame and a lot would have been lost). If you're worried about exceeding the 250 limit you can always click the "Preview" button when editing a template - if it shows a "char count" you'll know by how many letters you're over the limit.

      Thank you for contributing!

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    • So I read this, thought on it a bit, and then went back to editing.  Then I came back here this morning and re-read and realized I've been doing the wrong kind of edits and making them be teasers that don't end so abruptly, but not the type of editing you had asked for.  I'm going to hang up my trimming hat by and large and if you want to revert most of my edits that's fine, sorry for the noise!

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    • No problem, I'm retrimming them now. It's a common issue, which is why trimming takes so long.

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