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From: The Grand Finale

Staging the impossible thing is only marginally easier than smuggling the Topsy King into the Palace.

Unlocked with Topsy2 Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King 22-23, Library A Scholar of the Correspondence 1


An opera for a King and an Empress

[…] The Bell and the Candle is erotic beyond the human experience. […]

The Court is a bedlam. […] The Empress is flushed with long-dormant passions. She is furious with you. […] Ah, here come the Veteran Privy Counselor's men to bundle you away.

Player summary:
The show makes... quite an impact. You're not sure how it affected the Topsy King - you'll need to check up on him in the Flit later. For now, it seems you'll have to deal with the Scandal you've caused.

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