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From: The Refreshment Pavilion

The favoured snack of the criminal classes is known to be good for you after a knife fight or a fall from a rooftop. Not the sort of thing honest folk would be seen eating, though.

Unlocked with TICKET 1 x Carnival Ticket

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


Good for what ails you

A half-pound of sticky fungus later, you feel grand. That knife-scratch is healing nicely, and your shoulder doesn't ache any more. Your teeth are stuck together, but that will pass.

Rare Success

You chose the lucky piece!

The toffee-makers throw the odd piece of glim into the saucepan for luck. [...] Nonsense, of course, but you do not object when you find you have selected the charmed piece. Its luckiness is aptly demonstrated by its failure to break your tooth!

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An innocent with a sweet tooth?

'Spore-toffee, eh? Watch yer pockets, lads. This one's a villain.